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Amazing game with insane potential. I just don't like how easy it actually was. I am saying this because I saw a "monster" once, in which case I just walked next to it. However, very good game with creepy atmosphere.

first game, probably the one with most potential. the atmosphere was immaculate and the premise was well executed. only thing is to make the enemies more threatening and scary. that is all. good. lasagna.

se sintio escalofriante por muchos momentos pero luego cambio su sentido , era algo mas...tranquilo...hermoso juego ! 

This game was so immersive and felt so scary. The sounds and the darkness with the doors randomly closing and opening and the random sounds.. It was so scary. I really felt like something was always around the corner ready to grab me. You made it look and feel scary and it was an amazing experience for that!

The downsides I will say that the game communicated poorly what must be done. I did find it fun to find the body, but I did not realise I had not turned the power on even after interacting with the body till I saw someone else's playthrough of the game. Also as fun as it was to find the body, I feel like there should have been more indicators or more of a story with notes or objects and items that alluded to why the person was killed there and slowly leading the player there.

The ghosts coming in after the power was turned on again was really great! Though it was slightly annoying as the game put the player back all the way at the start.

But those are just how I felt, you still did a great jpb integrating the music with the game and making it such a spooky and great experience! Good luck with any future projects!

Spectral Filter is an exceptional game that took two months to develop. With a perfect blend of tension and creepiness, the game manages to captivate players without ever crossing the line. One of the most impressive aspects of the game is its ability to convey a sense of unease through environmental storytelling. It's evident that TheSchaeff is a talented developer worth keeping an eye on. It's exciting to think about what else he could accomplish with more time and resources at his disposal. I wholeheartedly recommend this game to anyone looking for an immersive and thrilling gaming experience.

I decided to check how it runs on Steam Deck and you can see my no commentary walkthrough by pressing the link below:

I ran into a very interesting bug in this. The door interact icon wouldn't appear. Which admittedly became very frustrating during my playthrough. Aside from that, I really enjoyed this. I want more of it. It's super creepy, and I could see this being developed into a longer game with more tasks during the cleansing process, and a bigger world to explore. I think it would be really fun. Thanks for putting this out into the world. 

I like the plot even though I didn't fully understand it. The sounds were creeping me out the entire time and I love the fact that I saw the "ghost" in the distance but it didnt chase me, very creepy . Overall it s a good horror game but I dont know why I died at the end .

Hi Dev would you be able to send me an icon file for your game of the face from the exe if possible thanks.


It's not very large but here it is. There's online converters if you need it to be an .ico file specifically. This and basically all other graphics are included in the bonus content if you need those too, for whatever reason.


I felt all the scary feelings your supposed to feel playing this horror game. The atmosphere was crazy. Not a Sigle jump scare but still a damn good horror game. 

Here's My gameplay:

The feeling of dread throughout this game had me hooked.  What's around the corners... what's knocking on the walls... a ton of fun and the graphics are really well done!

Played it from beginning to end and although I'm very bad with games with alot of rooms, I managed to get thru this one quite well with the maps on the walls.  The detail of the game was excellent.  The atmospheric atmosphere was top notch.  Just this feeling of anything happening at anytime had me on edge the whole time.  One of the best I've played.

creepy game but was unable to finish it cause i didn't find a flashlight and didn't find the body at all so 

Genuinely one of the most atmospheric games i've played on Itch. Great concept as well. Awesome stuff ! 

I made a video on your game if you're interested :)

This was legit so scary I wanted to just turn the game off haha 

I loved this game! It was so pretty but once you stepped in it was a completely different vibe. The red lights and sounds just created this uneasy atmosphere that I absolutely loved! 

This game was TERRIFYING!!! And no jumpscares which is IMPRESSIVE!!! Great job on this game!!!

VERY spooky vibes, I loved the atmosphere and sounds!

This was downright terrifying and I loved it!

This was a really creepy game, from the atmosphere to the visuals. I also really enjoyed the ending! Well done!

Nice game with an eerie atmosphere

Spectral Filter is a spine-chilling horror game that will keep you on the edge of your seat.
The game's eerie atmosphere, beautiful lighting, and set design work together to create an immersive experience. The out-of-place sounds added an extra layer of spookiness that I got spooked by every time xD.
However, the rooms were a bit too similar, and it would have been great if the fantastic lighting from the start was used a bit more.
Also, I got lost quite a few times, which made me backtrack quite a lot, but that could've been just me ^^.
Overall, if you're looking for a pretty fun and spooky horror experience, Spectral Filter is definitely worth checking out.

Beautiful game. I really enjoyed the atmosphere and the way the tension builds and then the peacefulness after the filter finishes. Really well done.

This game was genuinely scary to me. I could barely explore without being afraid of what I might find hiding in the dark. VERY GREAT GAME!

The atmosphere and overall look of this game is absolutely beautiful and amazing! I loved every bit of this game!

Very cool game, keep it up! The atmosphere/bg sounds scared me the most

The game has a really tense atmosphere.He sees you while you are playing and you are always on the alert. thanks for your work. I want you to check out the video :) 
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Such an awesome and beautiful game! that arts & graphics got me! i want more of this!

The atmosphere on this one was SO moody! Loved playing it. Looking forward to Compound Fracture! 

la ambientación simplemente es brutal, me hubieran gustado mas acciones paranormales para tener mas terror, pero sin duda alguna me ha encantado

This game almost scared me...

This was so scary I started crying at a couple points.  I had to create a new playlist on my channel for games ranked higher than 10/10 because of this game!  WOW!  just holy fuckin shit WOW!

Man, that had me feeling...some kinda way. Other than the map being about 3x too large and disorienting in the dark (emergency lights around the breaker box woulda helped) this really stands out for an indie freebie. Very rich atmosphere, like many dreams I've had. A rare diamond in the dungheap, even the menus, loading screens and whatnot were polished. Hope this gets expanded into something with more lore and gameplay sophistication, so I can pay you $$$ for it on Steam one day.


This game is fantastic and it's only developed by one person, that is so insane. First off this game looks and runs so incredibly well that it's mind blowing. The atmosphere and tension that you build throughout the entire game is just perfect. If you love horror games this is 100% one to play. Amazing job!


Amazing little game you got here mate, really looking forward to what’s next, loved the atmosphere and tense claustrophobic situations!


Thanks again for such kind words on Twitter from the dev! If you're looking at comments to see if this game is good or not, just download it and play it. One of my favorite horror experiences over the past year.

Thanks to the kind journal, I was able to play smoothly.
The game had a great atmosphere and visuals.
In streaming, the first half is cleared, and the second half is running around looking for monsters.



The best job I ever had.

Nice Atmosphere and the game is gorgeous to look at, got stuck at the maze like complex avoiding spectral and the big one. Great game a nice experience 

Was creeped out the whole time waiting for something to come after me, great game!

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