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la ambientación simplemente es brutal, me hubieran gustado mas acciones paranormales para tener mas terror, pero sin duda alguna me ha encantado

This game almost scared me...

This was so scary I started crying at a couple points.  I had to create a new playlist on my channel for games ranked higher than 10/10 because of this game!  WOW!  just holy fuckin shit WOW!

Man, that had me feeling...some kinda way. Other than the map being about 3x too large and disorienting in the dark (emergency lights around the breaker box woulda helped) this really stands out for an indie freebie. Very rich atmosphere, like many dreams I've had. A rare diamond in the dungheap, even the menus, loading screens and whatnot were polished. Hope this gets expanded into something with more lore and gameplay sophistication, so I can pay you $$$ for it on Steam one day.


This game is fantastic and it's only developed by one person, that is so insane. First off this game looks and runs so incredibly well that it's mind blowing. The atmosphere and tension that you build throughout the entire game is just perfect. If you love horror games this is 100% one to play. Amazing job!


Amazing little game you got here mate, really looking forward to what’s next, loved the atmosphere and tense claustrophobic situations!


Thanks again for such kind words on Twitter from the dev! If you're looking at comments to see if this game is good or not, just download it and play it. One of my favorite horror experiences over the past year.

Thanks to the kind journal, I was able to play smoothly.
The game had a great atmosphere and visuals.
In streaming, the first half is cleared, and the second half is running around looking for monsters.



The best job I ever had.

Nice Atmosphere and the game is gorgeous to look at, got stuck at the maze like complex avoiding spectral and the big one. Great game a nice experience 

Was creeped out the whole time waiting for something to come after me, great game!

I'm new to YouTube and it would help a lot if you leave a like or subscribe if you like the content, also you can request a game by leaving a comment!

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I know it took you a long time but good game my man. It was well worth the effort for us to experience this.

Really enjoyed this game. The Atmosphere, and game design was top notch! Only qualms I had was after the first ghostie scare, each one after was just their. Would've been cool to have different types of jumps with each consecutive ghost you ran into. Also, the objects you can pick up and throw, wish they would've made sound when connecting with the wall, or floor. There's also other comments I made in the video that my brain can't remember as I type this. A few tweaks and this game can go from Great to Amazing, in my opinion. Still a wonderful experience that had me on edge for a large portion of it. Check out the playthrough, I had a pretty good time with it!

Fantastic atmosphere. Solid gameplay loop that added to the effect and made it a better experience than a walking sim with horror elements. You can tell a lot of passion went into making this!

My only complaint is that I wish the game made more attempts to actively scare the player. The atmosphere built tension and made exploring the maze-like map a game of wondering when the tension would break. Would've been cool to break it with some scare events.

Still, 10/10 atmospheric experience, and I would absolutely play a story game that felt like this. :)


This was honestly, in my recent experience of playing games on this website, one of my favorite experiences so far. Great lighting, great details on the environment, a well organized layout that didn't feel restricting or linear and great accompanying sounds. The ghosts felt docile and unthreatening and idk if that was the intention, but if so then it really sells the narrative that we are saving these souls. 

Hah, those creepy breathing sounds really got me! Good stuff, love the audio, more lore would be nice though.

I will be playing this live tomorrow 3/6 around 630-7 PM EST =D.


Though not too many scares, the atmosphere alone haunted me even after the game was over. Very nice!


Fantastic atmospheric horror. Will list it as 'The best atmosphere' of 2023 currently. I enjoyed feeling tense for as long as I could while not knowing 'what was in the game with me', good ambience too, it'd just need more randomized sound events for more variability.

great short creepy game

Great visuals and environment, I enjoyed it! I'd suggest adding some sound effects when you throw objects aside that it was fun, good work :)

Amazing! Great Work Austin & Cyrus! 

I actually have a few theories on whats going on. I wonder if that was the intention or the developer has different take. 

Loved it. thought provoking and beautiful. 

I know the dev has heard this a lot but well done on the audio but also the overall world that makes you feel so trapped wondering the darkness. Greatly enjoy this game and looking for more. 

My take on it for those brave enough:

Muy intenso sin screamers


The sound design of this game is fantastic. I also think this game looks amazing, not just in terms of graphics but in the design of the interiors and the lighting as well. The story is confusing and there are disconnects from immersion caused by the vague objectives and a main character that the player seemingly cannot understand or hope to understand. 

By the end of this game I was wondering if there were AI enemies or anything like that and I'm still not entirely sure if it does. I definitely was scared of the atmosphere but I think it's for the best that I never find out if there were things in the dark or not because that unknown variable is what makes this game as good as it is.

Thanks for making games!


This was such a creepy and beautiful game. Keep up the great work! 


This was insanely well made, tbh you could just take out the jump scares and have the sounds do their work, I didn't encounter a jump scare but was still tensed up from all the sounds and doors moving. And the graphics/lighting is amazing for being made in unity. Made a video on it.

Beautiful environments! Some of the transitions between events felt a bit abrupt/took me out of the atmosphere somewhat, but the fantastic environment work compensates for that.


Breathtaking and profound horror, nothing alike I've played for a while! 

To me, this was extraordinary experience. From the beginning, it seemed like the story would go towards the route of "someone chasing you" in the building, yet it truly provided a great depth, atmosphere and creepy moments, which were small and impactful. It has been a while since I've played the raw, environment based horror, where you can actually feel in the shoes of the character. Bravo developer. 

I had no issues with the game. The performance, mechanics and sound design - perfection. Best of luck with the future developments. Cheers! 

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This was a great little experience. Admittedly I became lost when it came time to restore power the second time because I didn't recall where to backtrack, but that was mostly because I wasn't paying attention to my surroundings. I avoided the ghosts so no jump scares for me, but the environment and sound design combo (as well as the paranormal events toward the end) really kept me on the edge of my chair.

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A really solid little game, and a reminder that the dead are human. 

Had some heavy frame drops in a few loading areas, luckily they smoothed out once things were loaded. 

love the game thank you so much :):):)


Are there jumpscares? If you make a horror type game you should always mention that in the description.


There are relatively mild jumpscares (I tried to tone them down as much as possible) but are almost exclusively tied to failure. Many players don't encounter them. Description has been updated to mention this.

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I don't put super specific warnings on my games (just things that are really important like loud noises or intense flashing lights) but you handled this correctly and it's appreciated. 

Yeah it's a horror game but your players are still people. Some people need to know this kind of stuff so they can avoid playing things that make them uncomfortable.

Not everyone is a horror game enthusiast after all.

Thanks! (:


For me it's not even an "uncomfortable" bit, it's a "loud surprising hard noises coupled with surprising visuals cause physical pain". :)

I've seen games do jump scares in a way where visuals happen with a bit of lead-in, before the main part, and any sound, and that also seems to help a lot.

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It is not an obligation - simple fact. You can't objectively disagree with that statement. The content of games/movies - they are just content. Like you mentioned, if the game is on average very scary, has insane noises, flashing lights, gore, violence, adult themes, etc., the developer should put a warning sign or have it mentioned in the game. Otherwise, it is okay. This game does not have jump scares and it does not matter if the person is horror enthusiasm or if they just stumbled across the game - it is simple as that. There are majority of people, who consider my games being "not scary", yet I watched 1 person, who literally was screaming, while playing one of my games - this does not mean I must put a sign that the game is "SCARY". 
Edit: Again, the statement of "developer SHOULD always mention" is factually wrong. 


There is nothing wrong with putting a jump scare warning. I'm not even saying that they should or they shouldn't. I'm just saying that some people feel more comfortable knowing what they can expect from the game and that is something that developers can choose to respect or not.  

Requesting that games should have a 'jumpscare' warning is absolutely valid criticism. It's up to the developer to decide whether or not they'll act on that criticism and it seems that they have so it doesn't even matter what we think at this point, I'm not sure that it ever did. 


I don't know what comment did you read, but they never "requested", rather made a statement of something which is objectively wrong. Furthermore, I never said there was "something" wrong about putting a warning sign. Clearly you either did not read what I wrote or were not able to comprehend what I was saying. And frankly speaking, it does matter even more now, because the developer was "forced" to do something they never intended. That's not good. If someone has a valid argument or criticism it should not be based of one's subjective feelings. It is not a valid criticism and if you deny that, more power to you, yet it won't be correct. 


Thank you very much. I could've gone into more detail at the time of posting, but it was pretty drive-by and i tend to not try and get into discourse over it. Main reason i asked is that i do like horror, but for health reasons need to avoid jump scares, so knowing the scale and when to expect them can help.

If they're toned down then it's worth a try for me. :D

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No, absolutely wrong. 
When the game is titled as "horror", why would anyone be obligated to put a warning sign for a jump scare? It is a horror game, not a funky pop show, right? Furthermore, there are no health threatening scares in the game, just exceptional atmosphere. 
My personal suggestion to you would be not playing horror games, if you feel conflicted. Once again, if you buy a chocolate, don't be surprised when it is sweet, same as when you play a horror game, don't be surprised by a jump scare. 
Good day.
Edit: I apologize, but your comment is very out of place. Horror games have jump scares and scary/creepy elements. Most of the time they are mild and sometimes serious. This game is fine, it is a great game. Imagine if people put notes on the cars - be aware, it is drivable - duah, it is a car, of course you can drive it - same logic with you. 


Horror is not the same as jump scares. Many horror games or movies do not have them, or have only very quiet ones.

Also, jump scares, depending on execution, can cause me physical pain; yet still i like horror media. :)


I apologize in advance, but I hope you can read, because I never said horror is the same as jump scare. I said that because it is a horror, the content of this project might contain details of it. It is weird to simplify such a logical thing, but if you have a condition (which is odd you brought it up for the sake of this discussion) you should not play horror or watch any horror related media, unless it is mild or psychological. Again, feelings and emotions can not be rationally discussed, but, simple fact of horror game having a jump scare - is logical. 
Look, if a person is overweight and they keep eating chocolate everyday, in the end if something happens to them it is their fault and not the company's, which sells chocolate, because they should know chocolate might sugar and most times it does.
Seriously thou, this is super silly discussion. If you don't like the game fine, but don't tell the developer what to do with their content, it is not your business. If you consume their content it is up to you, they are not giving you obligation to play it. 


Stop gatekeeping horror games. I make horror games because I like horror, but more importantly I make them for everyone to play and enjoy. 

I don't appreciate you telling people with valid health reasons that they shouldn't play horror games. All they are asking for is more transparent warnings in the description and there is nothing wrong with that.

Your stubbornness with this is very odd.


You better watch yourself. I never demanded anything unlike the original post was saying to "should do this". I gave valid points to the person and jus because you disagree and "don't like" something means 0. You gave no solutions and absolutely no evidence, while I proved with multiple examples that if someone does not fell well that is not creator's job to comfort them - why do you disagree on this simple notion? Maybe read before commenting.  

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I wonder what does "I make horror games because I like horror" has to do with anything in this particular case, just elaborate. 
I have been making games since 2012 and been an active member of since 2019, so what? I simply don't condone demanding tone and bad treatment towards developers, which you clearly are making it available for others. And I am not "gatekeeping horror games", maybe you should go learn the definition of that word too, hm? Gatekeeping would mean that I censor someone and control someone's action, which is the opposite mate, because I am legitimately against the idea of demanding something to someone for their subjective needs, especially to developers, do you understand that or maybe I should simplify? Like really, at this point it looks like we are in the kindergarten. 
Edit: I just want to clarify 1 thing too, I have nothing personally against you, just in case you thought of that. I am not that type of person. I looked up your games and they are pretty neat, might play them. Just understand that developers should do whatever they want and consumers, they can complain or criticize, but once it reaches the wrong level, it is unacceptable. And you calling me stubborn is not an insult. If I was not stubborn I would let people walk all over me and that's not the way you want to live in this world mate. 


they make chocolate cake substitutes for people who want to eat cake but want less calories. there can be horror games that don't fit your idea of horror games. this isn't an objective discussion. its how game devs and other media creators innovate. don't lock yourself in a box.


Listen buddy, you should not demand anything from anyone. You have clearly no comprehension of what I told you. The developer should not be told what to, understand that? People with health problems who eat that low calorie cake know that information - you don't! That's what I said. If you don't know that the cake is low calorie don't eat it then! And after complain it had too much sugar - understand? 

This entire argument is against "living in the box", because now the developer was forced to kindle to your needs, which they should not. But they did, so good job. Furthermore, once again the game has no serious jump scares on AVERAGE! again proving that your notion is just wrong. 

Amazing atmospheric horror short with good visuals and effective sound design. Well worth a play-through. And.. "don't panic".


Im scared I keep hearing footsteps


Don't know how to restore power, been walking aimlessly around for some time now. Can't open any doors after power goes out.


You have to walk through the darkened hallways until you find the power box and a flashlight.

Make sure you aim for the door handles if the door has them, u'll see a icon when u can open a door, u'll have to drag the doors open.

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am i allowed to post my gameplay of your gam



awh big preesh <3

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